Remember Mom this Mother's Day with a special gift from J. R. Kortman.

Mother's Day arrives this Sunday, May 13th. Take Mom to dinner downtown Saturday evening or Sunday brunch and present her with a lasting treasure from J. R. Kortman Center for Design...a beautiful necklace of pearls and crystals, or an elegantly designed functional piece from Alessi, or a sweet art glass heart from Robert Eickolt or Robert Held or Robert Birch, or even a bag of pewter hearts from Vilmain. Give her a gift certificate from J. R. Kortman so she can experience shopping at J. R. Kortman for herself! (photo: Lucy Slafkosky with daughter, Geri, 1945)

Dennis Horton rules the Kortman Gallery Bar, First Friday, May 4 @ 6pm 'til ?


 A fun First Friday is on it's way at the Kortman Gallery, May 4th. The Store will close at 6pm....just as the Kortman Gallery Bar opens upstairs featuring the works of Kristy Luck in an exhibit titled, "Intimation(s)." See this cool exhibit while you enjoy a drink served up by Dennis Horton from the Kortman Gallery Bar. Hear what's on Dennis' ipod...we're featuring music from Mr. Horton's unedited iPod playlist brought to you through the great sound system provided by Meet friends and have a great relaxing evening, First Friday, @ Kortman Gallery and all over Downtown.

Pearls, Turquoise, and other colorful this Spring @ J.R. Kortman

With Spring in full swing and Mother's Day just around the corner on Sunday, May 13th, J. R. Kortman Center for Design presents beautiful new arrivals from the Beijing Pearl Market featuring chic and elegant designs from Joe Yuan and colorful, casual jewelry distinctively from J. R. Kortman. As the wedding season approaches J. R. Kortman has bridal registration and gifts of extraordinary design from Alessi of Italy.



Kristy Luck's "Intimation(s)" exhibit opens Friday, April 13 @ Kortman Gallery


          Kristy Luck exhibits introspective multi-media works @ Kortman Gallery

Kristy Luck uses multi-media techniques in her art to explore her inner feelings toward personal relationships in an exhibition titled, “Intimation(s)” opening Friday, April 13th in the Kortman Gallery.
Her images are created using several techniques from collage to layering pigment on canvas to painted photographic images. There is more to her soft, sometimes highly impressionistic works than meets the eye.
“My goal is to create a mood that hints at thoughts unspoken just below the surface, “ writes Luck in her artist’s statement. “My work is highly personal, but the feelings conveyed by my images are universal.”
According to Doc Slafkosky, gallery director, even though Luck’s work is emotionally charged it still has a mellow, relaxing quality. “Her art does speak to you emotionally with colorful, subdued imagery that is quite refreshing. You could say they are impressionistic abstracts,” said Slafkosky.
Kristy Luck is a Rockford native presently living and working in Chicago. She received her BFA at Rockford College and is currently pursuing her MFA in painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
The opening reception for “Intimation(s)” exhibition by Kristy Luck will be Friday, April 13th from 5:00 to 9pm and Saturday, April 14th 3:00 to 9pm. The Luck exhibition is part of the 2012 Spring Rockford  ArtScene and will be on display through May 31, 2012.  The gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street. For further information call 815/968-0123 or visit

What: “Intimation(s)” an exhibition of new works by Rockford artist Kristy Luck.
When: Opening reception: Friday, April 13th, 5:00 to 9pm. and Saturday, April 14th, 3:00 to 9pm.The exhibition runs through May 31st. Gallery & Store open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm.
Where: Kortman Gallery, upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 
             107 North Main St.
Admission: Free 

Colorlab custom cosmetics brings it's creative magic to Kortman Gallery, First Friday, April 6th

        Colorlab, the internationally known cosmetic company founded in Rockford, will present a complimentary tester bar in the Kortman Gallery on First Friday, April 6th from 5 to 9pm. This is a great opportunity to try customizing your cosmetics with the help of the expert make-up artists from Colorlab...all while enjoying a glass of wine from the Kortman Gallery Bar and listening to cool music from Carrie Johnson Breitbach's iPod through a great sound system from 
"The Colorlab tester bar is kind of like a 'play station' for women," says Colorlab representative Annalise Berman. "This will be a fun and glamorous evening for everyone...even guys, who can enjoy watching women at play. The make-up bar will be set up right in the middle of the gallery, so you will be surrounded by the colorful and alluring art of Shannon Blosser-Salisbury."

      Shop at J. R. Kortman Center for Design until 9pm. The Kortman Gallery Bar, hosted by Dennis Horton, will be open even later.  Carrie Johnson Breitbach, education director at the Rockford Art Museum, was lead singer with the Carriers. Hear her unedited iPod playlist all evening in the Kortman Gallery. "What's on your ipod?"™ 



J.R. Kortman Center for Design reacts to the Midway's partial roof collapse

It is a sad day for all of Rockford with the collapse of part of the Midway Theater roof. Let's not panic. This could be a wake up call to becoming proactive in saving the building. Having restored our 1920's Barloga building we (J.R. Kortman) understand the challenge. We faced  asbestos, tuck pointing, roof issues, etc. but they are all things that can be done. The Coronado had a lot of these same issues...but still more cost effective than building a new performing arts center.  Most importantly, to save old buildings from the wrecking ball is such a wonderful thing for our city...especially for future generations. They tell so much about our history and our past appreciation for beauty...which is something we seem to have lost here. Speaking of the Coronado, Westlake Assocs. (the architects for the Coronado) said that the Midway has excellent "natural" acoustics and would be an ideal setting for smaller acoustic concerts. Downtown Rockford has such an interesting array of performance venue's including the Times Theater, Rockford Theater, Sullivan Center, and the beautiful Midway theater, plus Davis Park, Memorial Hall and the BMO. All is in place to become a grand entertainment district. We don't need to build anything new...just take what we have and make them all come alive again! Combine this with a casino and hotel and now you have a real reason for Chicago folk to take the train to Rockford!

The colors of Spring welcome in the month of March @ J. R. Kortman

As the dreariness of winter fades, March brings the promise of Spring with the soft airy hues of this breezy time of the year. Waving Queen Elizabeth, celebrating her jubilee year, stands in front these charming ceramic vases from Middle Kingdom that take design cues from household utility bottles and presents them as little functional works of art. Soft colors and soft texture are a sweet look for this time or any time of the year. Also pictured is a light yellow "Anna" corkscrew from Alessi and a delicate art glass vase from German glassmaker Michael Schwartzmueller.

Daniel, Jennifer & Shannon bring Big Fun, First Friday, March 2 @ J.R. Kortman

      X is for Gen X and we can’t think of two cooler & authentic Xer's who can make a party a party than Jennifer Langworthy past manager of Cafe Esperanto and Dan Minick a.k.a. DJ Fuzz. Jen will be mixing it up at the Gallery Bar while Dan does the same at the iPad turntables. 
Great sound from Great art from Shannon Blosser- Salisbury.
      First Friday, March 2nd @ 6pm at J.R. Kortman Center for Design