Opening Friday, August 26th...Sarah Stewart @ Kortman Gallery and John Deill & Jim Julin @ RAM...don't miss them!

Sarah Danielle Stewart exhibits 
vibrant, colorful work at Kortman Gallery

Seeing the works of Rockford artist Sarah Danielle Stewart is like getting a flash vision into the workings of her imagination. Her complex, colorful works will be on exhibit in the Kortman Gallery opening on Friday, August 26th. The exhibition titled “Flesh in Rainbows” presents mixed-media, dynamic works that are influenced by the Stewart’s boundless imaginative view of nostalgia, kitsch, cartoons, pulp illustration, plus pattern, fabric, and vibrant colors.
“The show title ‘Flesh in Rainbows’ speaks directly to the way I see and think about everything,” says Stewart. “ Memories spur to me in hues, the reflection of light translates color and vibration, and color not only represents, but emanates emotion. Colors can be comforting, but also jarring. They can be offensive and ridiculous, yet they can be beautiful and strong. With this body of work, I strive to achieve all of the above.”
  Kortman Gallery director, Doc Slafkosky says Stewarts work is “amazingly intricate and beautifully executed, but at the same time a little whacky. You really have to spend some time looking at her pieces to see everything that’s going on in her vibrant paintings. These works are eye-catching entertainment.”
The opening reception for Stewart’s “Flesh in Rainbows” Kortman exhibition will be Friday, August 6th from 5:30 to 9pm  The gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street. For further information call 815/968-0123 or visit

What: “Flesh in Rainbows” art exhibit
            featuring new mixed-media works by Sarah Dnielle Stewart
When: Friday, August 26th, 5:30 to 9:00pm. Exhibits runs thru October 1st. Gallery & Store open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Where: Kortman Gallery, upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 
             107 North Main St.
Admission: Free 
To see images of Sarah Danielle Stewart's exhibiton and photos of opening night click on the "Current Show" option to the left. If you are seeing this via posterous go to

 Just a few blocks up Main Street, at the Rockford Art Museum (also starting Friday, August 26th) see the works of two of Rockford's most prolific and celebrated artists John Deill and Jim Julin. Works include pieces created over several decades. Friday evening: RAM members only...Saturday open to the public. For further information visit  .




Rockford themed postcards, notecards, and mugs add to summer fun @ J.R. Kortman Center for Design

The Rockford Sock Monkey and the world class "Symbol" sculpture by Alexander Liberman in Sinnissippi Park are the stars of these fun summer postcards, notecards, and mugs now available at J.R. Kortman Center for Design. Perfect for your visiting friends and relatives who want to fondly remember their stay in the Forest City...or, send to those who've moved away...or, maybe, you want to add to your own collection of Rockford memorabilia. The cards & mugs are original J. R. Kortman photos and designs and are a great keepsake as well as our Rockford Landmark ornament collection, featuring hand-painted images of the new Nicholas Conservatory, vintage Sinnissippi Lagoon, Burpee Natural History Museum, Anderson Gardens, including "Symbol", the Rockford Sock Monkey and many more.



Phonetography exhibit First Friday, August 5th @ Kortman Gallery + Alessi sale, Nancy Froelich's iPod, Dennis Horton hosting the bar & Leslie Arbetman's art

Looking forward to this First Friday, August 5th when we will be featuring an exciting new exhibition in the Kortman Gallery called Phonetography. Multiple digital displays will show slide shows from a cutting edge group of artists who take their mobile phone cameras seriously and the result is some pretty fantastic photographs, or should we say, Phonetographs. This special exhibit is being presented by Engine Studio & Ryan Davis Photography. Also in the gallery, you can still see the works of Leslie Arbetman whose show has been extended through August 15th. Shop in the store 'til 9pm this Friday. The special 20% off sale on selected Alessi design pieces was to end July 31st...but in honor of First Friday we are extending the sale through this Friday. Dennis Horton will be hosting the Kortman Gallery Bar and we will reveal the unedited playlist from the iPod of our very own Nancy Froelich.
Hope to see you soon!



Now in July save 20% on selected items from Alessi @ J. R. Kortman Center for Design...extra ordinary design & quality

If you have been collecting pieces from the collections of Michael Graves or "Cactus" or "Mediterraneo" by Alessi now is the time to add to your collection at a savings of 20% for limited time. If you have dreamed of something elegant for your home from Alessi now is the time to acquire something of extraordinary design and quality with these special prices now through the end of July. Stop by Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm and see these elegant works of design at J. R. Kortman for Design in Downtown Rockford. For more information call us @ 815.968.0123



First Friday, July 1st @ J. R. Kortman: Cool art by Leslie Arbetman, music from Michael Bugler's iPod & Dennis Horton @ the Kortman Gallery Bar

It's the start of long holiday weekend this First Friday, so begin celebrating the founding of our great nation with shopping, art, music, and drinks at J.R. Kortman Center for Design and the Kortman Gallery. Enjoy the City Market and complete your shopping at J.R. Kortman which will be open 'til 9pm. Then relax and meet friends upstairs in the Kortman Gallery where you can see the cool art of Leslie Arbetman surrounded by the music from the unedited, random playlist of Michael Bugler's iPod...and of course, Dennis Horton is back at the Kortman Gallery Bar to keep the fireworks going! The Bar will be open until the last person leaves.
Hope to see you this Friday...the start of a great 4th of July weekend!
Doc & Jerry

 P. S. Get ready for Rockford Greek Fest coming July 23-24 @ Sts. Constantine & Helen Church, Downtown, 108 North Fifth at Market Street. Great food, wine, beer and dancing! Check out'll see you there! Opa!



Meet Tengu. He'll tell you about himself and see other great gift ideas from J. R. Kortman

Tengu is a fun character who reacts to sound: he responds to music, your voice, or any noise that's around. Simply plug him into your computer and watch his face light up! (Voice on video by Talking Roby). Tengu makes a great gift for anyone who likes to have fun with their computer. Scroll down and click on the thumbnails to see other fun things for the imaginative person in your life:

1. Power stapler 2. Stovetop Espresso maker by Aldo Rossi for Alessi 3. "Alessandro M" corkscrew by Alessi 4. Hand-polished stainless steel coffee press by Alessi 5 & 6. Art glass paperweights by Robert Eickholt 7. Authentic theatrical mask by Juan Carlos Tejes 8. Chinese temple mask 9. Sock Monkey looking for a friend 10. Earth spheres & Rockford magnetic clock 11."Symbol" bookend 12 & 13. Fish staplers 14 & 15. Lego architecture 16. Stainless cocktail shaker 17. Cast iron 'bug' paperweight 18 &19. Cool watches 20 & 21. Kinetic watches from Projects

Leslie Arbetman opens exhibit of new works Friday, June 3rd @ Kortman Gallery...Patty Rhea's ipod playlist revealed & Dennis Horton @ the bar

 First Friday, June 3rd coincides with the opening of Leslie Arbetman's exhibition of new works in the Kortman Gallery. Dennis Horton will be hosting the Gallery Bar and we'll be exposing the entertaining unedited playlist from the iPod of Patty Rhea, curator for the Rockford Art Museum. Stop by for this fun filled Friday night in Downtown Rockford...and also shop @ J.R. Kortman Center for Design for wedding and graduation gifts. The store will be open at least until 9pm and the Gallery Bar will stay open even later. Hope to see you First Friday, June 3rd.

          If your viewing this page via see images and more information on Leslie Arbetman's Kortman Gallery exhibition by clicking on "current show" option under Kortman Gallery or vist

First Friday, Mother's Day shopping, John Groh's ipod revealed & Michael LaLoggia @ the Kortman Gallery Bar. A great start to your Mom's Day weekend!

  This First Friday (May 6th) shop for Mom 'til 9pm @ J.R. Kortman Center for Design and relax upstairs in the Kortman Gallery where you can see the small scale works by more than 20 of Rockford's most intriguing artists in "Scale: LARGE & small," a collaborative group exhibition exploring the visual and emotional impact scale has on our perceptions of art.  See the LARGE scale corresponding works @ Prairie Street Gallery also on Friday night. 
Michael LaLoggia will be taking care of you at the Kortman Gallery Bar while we expose the unedited playlist from John Groh's iPod. Art, Drinks, Shopping and fun Music! What a great way to enjoy a Friday night in Downtown Rockford!

"Mother's love perceives no impossibilities"...remember Mom on Mother's Day, May 8th

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th...find her something she will cherish forever from J.R. Kortman Center for Design. Below are some photos of gift ideas for your special Mom.
1. Art glass heart by Robert Held 2. "Oh Watch" by Michael Graves 3. Original artwork by Jennifer Mullin 4. Aluminum & stainless steel necklace by Solange 5. Acrylic photo frame 6. Turquoise & pearl necklace 7. "Anna" corkscrew by Alessi 8. Handmade fantasy flower by Lyndie Dourthe 9. "Heart" soft sculpture by Lyndie Dourthe 10. Blown glass heart by Robert Eickholt 11. "Ballerina" pen by Pylones 12. Ceramic & horsehair calligraphy brush 13. "Kim" the talking clock 14. Buddhist Lotus temple candles 15. Beaded art by Betsy Youngquist 16. Assorted freshwater pearl jewelry 17. Art glass by Robert Burch 18. Treasured gifts 19. More treasured gifts