"Velvet Realms" installation by Hot Dose! continues through November 15th in the Kortman Gallery

Here are some images of the "Velvet Realms" installation by Hot Dose! a.k.a. Corey Hagberg & Sarah Danielle Stewart. See this fantastic exhibition now through November 15th on the Kortman Gallery. Enjoy this exhibition with a relaxing drink this First Friday, November 7th...master  bartender Dennis Horton will be hosting the Kortman Gallery Bar all evening. We will also be unveiling 2 new hand-painted landmark ornaments to the Rockford Landmark Ornament Collection this Friday. The store will be open until 9pm and the gallery even later. 

"Velvet Realms" a collborative installation by HOT DOSE! opens Friday, October 3rd @ Kortman Gallery


  The eye-popping art works of Corey Hagberg and Sarah Danielle Stewart can be experienced together in a collaborative installation titled “Velvet Realms” opening Friday and Saturday, October 3rd and 4th in the Kortman Gallery. Hagberg and Stewart work under the pseudonym of Hot Dose! when they collaborate their individual sophisticated street art styles into one visually dynamic exhibition.
    As expressed in the artists’ statement, the “Velvet Realms” exhibition explores the visual schemes imagined by the artists that fill a void that occurs in the mind during “transformations in life...the threshold from a nightmare to being awake, child to adult, sick to healthy.”
    Hot Dose! began creating art together in 2013. The two artists approach their work from two different artistic techniques.
    “Sarah has a very painterly style with her work,” said Hagberg. “I paint very graphically, just like I draw. I feel like our styles create a certain harmony or balance between the graphic and the more rendered imagery.”
    “Creating a collaborative work is kind of like a dance or a game of chess, where one person’s move depends on the other person’s move, and so on,” says Stewart.  “We share very similar sensibilities as far as our aesthetic preferences are concerned, which helps the process move fluidly.”
    Both Hagberg and Stewart had featured solo shows in the Kortman Gallery, but this is the first time they will be showing together in the gallery.  
    “When these two energetic and very creative artists come together they bring an excitement to art that makes for a really entertaining experience,” said gallerist Doc Slafkosky.
    The opening receptions for “Velvet Realms,” an installation by Hot Dose! (Corey Hagberg & Sarah Danielle Stewart) will be both Friday, October 3rd, 5 to 10pm, and Saturday, October 4th, 3 to 9pm.  The opening is in conjunction with Fall ArtScene weekend. The exhibit will run through November 15th.
      The Kortman Gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street, Downtown Rockford. For more information call 815.968.0123 or visit jrkortman.com.
What: “Velvet Realms,” a collaborative installation by Hot Dose! (Corey Hagberg & Sarah Danielle Stewart).
When: Opening receptions, Friday, October 3rd, 5 to 10pm and Saturday, October 4th, 3 to 9pm  The exhibition runs through November 15th. Gallery & Store open Monday through Saturday, 10am – 6pm.
Where: Kortman Gallery, upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street, Downtown Rockford
Admission: Free

End of Summer Sale finale! Presenting special storewide savings...ends Spetmber 30th

Our "End of Summer Sale" will be ending soon...and from now until September 30th, we're offering a special opportunity at storewide savings. When you spend $25 or more on 50%-off sale items, receive 10% off any other store puchases! A chance for big savings on some fun and colorful items on sale and throughout the store. Hurry, since this is a limited time offer.
Coming up October 3rd & 4th is Fall ArtScene. Kortman Gallery will be presenting "Velvet Realms," by Hot Dose!, a collaborative installation by Corey Hagberg & Sarah Stewart. This is an exhibition you won't want to miss!

J.R. Kortman thanks everyone for making RAM's Greenwich Village Art Fair a great success!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make Rockford Art Museum’s  2014 Greenwich Village Art Fair and Kortman Gallery’s Point! Bar a smashing success! First of our all, a big thank you to our bartenders who kept the party going all weekend: Dennis Horton, Michael LaLoggia, Tim Stotz, and Dan Swanson. And our After Hours Party DJ’s Fuzz & Nof, aka Dan Minick & Eric Nofsinger...and for Point Bar lighting... Jeremy Kloinicki...sound system from Doug Campbell of Hear.More.Music.  Also, thanks to the Better Business Bureau for sponsoring our emerging artists venue...and the emerging artists Eric Fuertes, Meico Gowan, Jonathan Kuss, and Carmen Turner. A special thanks to fair chairman Scott Prine, executive director Linda Dennis and the most accommodating and enthusiastic RAM staff...and the wonderful hospitality of all the great volunteers who worked tirelessly to help keep the festival an enjoyable and exciting weekend in Rockford! And, of course, thank you to the participating artists for their creativity, colorful imagination, and passionate work.

Kortman Gallery presents Point! Bar @ Greenich Village Art Fair, Sept. 13 & 14 @ Rockford Art Museum

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 13 & 14, see you at the Rockford Art Museum’s Greenwich Village Art Fair! This will be the biggest fair in GVAF’s 66 year history...yes, since 1948! When you come to the fair stop by Kortman Gallery’s Point! Bar...a refreshing and relaxing cocktail bar located right in the middle of the fair on the grounds of the Riverfront Museum Park. Featured bartenders include Dennis Horton, Michael LaLoggia, Tim Stotz, and Dan Swanson. They will be mixing up Love Lemon Martinis (a GVAF classic) and Bellini Martinis along with other favorite drinks, beer, and wine.
    On Saturday evening from 5pm to 9pm, you and your friends are invited to our After Hours Party at Point! Bar...starring great music from DJ’s FUZZ & NOF. (Dan Minick & Eric Nofsinger) Art!, Music!, Cocktails!...let’s Dance! See you at the FAIR!
        Proceeds from Point! Bar benefit the Rockford Art Museum.

First Friday, September 5th @ J. R. Kortman Center for Design & Downtown Rockford

See you this First Friday, September 5th, for some great shopping at J. R. Kortman Center for Design until 9pm and take advantage of special prices during our End-of-Summer Sale! See the grand paintings of Meico Gowan upstairs in the Kortman Gallery and enjoy a refreshing beverage served up by guest bartender Michael LaLoggia at the Gallery Bar. The bar will be open late so you can enjoy shopping and relaxing at J. R. Kortman before or after the City Market...AND...this weekend GREEKFEST! It promises to be a fun time Downtown all weekend. Don’t miss it!

Meico Gowan explores life memories in Kortman Gallery exhibit opening Friday, August 8th thru September 27th

On Friday, August 8th, new works by artist, Meico Gowan, will open in the Kortman Gallery in an exhibition titled “Earth Impressions: Whispers from My Past.”

    Born in Bulgaria, Rockford artist Meico Gowan spent part of his childhood in an orphanage not far from the bucolic landscapes where goats graze the hillsides outside the Bulgarian city of Yambol. The memories of these rustic settings are the inspiration for Gowan’s paintings that are both figurative and abstract images he creates from his impressions of the world around him.

    Gowan, who also works in photography, was introduced to painting in college.
     “I seem to be fascinated with earthly impressions of the hillsides and landscapes around me, says Gowan. “In my paintings, I find myself exploring whispers from my past with animals like goats and other memories. Because I am a minimalist, many of my paintings will not necessarily have pictures and images easily recognized, however, they will frequently have earth tones that complement my paintings and fill a need I am trying to express.”

    “Meico is an intriguing, emerging artist new to the Rockford art scene who has studied under the tutorage of artist/teacher Leslie Arbetman at Roosevelt and Cherri Rittenhouse, professor of art at Rock Valley College,” says Doc Slafkosky, gallerist for the Kortman Gallery. “He brings an interesting and fresh artistic perspective with both his paintings and photography.”

     The Gowan exhibition, “ Earth Impressions: Whispers from My Past” will be will be on display through September 27th.The August 8th opening reception will be from 5:30 to 9pm.The Kortman Gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street. For further information call 815/968-0123 or visit www.jrkortman.com.

Closing party for David Menard's "Flavor Country" exhibition this First Friday, August 1st...Summer Sale continues at J. R. Kortman Center for Design

See you this First Friday, August 1st in the Kortman Gallery for a closing party for "Flavor Country," an exhibition of works by Rockford College art professor David Menard. If you haven't seen this show, stop by and see this entertaining art and enjoy specially priced beers and other refreshing summer beverages served up by bar host Dennis Horton. Also, you can shop until 9pm this Friday and take advantage of great bargains on cool things in our Summer Sale section at J. R. Kortman Center for Design.