"Scale: LARGE & small" exhibition @ Kortman and Prairie Street Galleries

     Size does matter. Just think of how powerful a large scale piece of art can be...such as Liberman's "Symbol" along the Rock River...it can create excitement, a sense of place, and even controversy. Then think of how intimate and personal a small painting can be. What is even more fascinating to consider is to see the same imagery in different scale. We will react differently to a small painting than we do to LARGE painting even if the image is the same. Artist John Deill said that several years ago he painted a small nude and everyone told him it was such a neat little painting. So he decided to paint the same nude on a large canvas. The reaction was entirely different. Some people were even shocked by the image!
So, we thought we would explore the impact that scale has not only on art, but also on the viewer. Some pieces in the exhibition both LARGE & small have the exact same images. Other works feature the same image concept but presented in a different scale. In the Kortman Galley you will see the small scale works by some of the Rockford area's leading artists. The LARGE scale versions can be seen at the Prairie Street Gallery. Feel free to photograph the works at each gallery...see and feel how different scale affects each of these intriguing works of art.
DETAILS: Below are photo details of each of the pieces in the Kortman Gallery show which is not only on exhibit ArtScene weekend, but also Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm through May 15th. Come, see and enjoy the full images in the Kortman Gallery.