Refreshing Summer colors will brighten your world all year 'round...great design from J. R. Kortman!

Sweet Summer...time for relaxing and leisurely entertaining...add the bright colors of summer to your table or home interiors with one these design ideas from J. R. Kortman Center for Design. The yellow boat is a butter server, storage, and knife, from fridge to table...hand-painted sky "Allessandro" wine opener...multi-colored seashell bracelet...cobalt blue Finish glass vases by Alvar Aalto...bright blue plastic "Biscuit" container from Alessi & the Michael Graves sugar & cream servers..."plow" your urban garden with the cute "lady" bug garden tool...shiny, elegant art glass from Robert Burch makes great wedding gifts...expandable plastic wine rack works great on the patio kitchen along with plastic plates with Magritte images...light green ceramic vase and free-formed tea light holder look great on the outdoor dining table..."seedpod" birds make great house warming/hostess gifts...and beautiful coin pearls on gold chain shine with iridescent summer colors. All beautifully designed for you and your home available only at J. R. Kortman Center for Design!