Recuperating from a hectic, yet another fun On The Waterfront weekend!

The crazy "On The Waterfront" weekend is over, and after a relaxing Labor Day time-out, we are back to our regular hours here at J. R. Kortman Center for Design. We are happy to say that the Kortman Gallery Main Street Lounge was a grand success this year featuring ARTini's. The Love Lemon, Red Cosmo, and Blue Cool were enjoyed by all who imbibed...and we look forward to offering them again at the Kortman Gallery "Point! Bar" at the Greenwich Village Art Fair coming up September 18–19 on the Rockford Art Museum grounds.
The new Main Street turned out to work very well for us for this year's OTW. It provided a pleasant strolling area for festival goers and great people watching for our outside Lounge patrons. Speaking of our patrons, it was so nice to see so many of you here over the weekend having such a good time. We appreciate your business, and it is good to enjoy such a wonderful event. We thought this years line-up of performers at OTW attracted a more sophisticated and interesting crowd.
We also appreciate the efforts of all OTW staff and volunteers who helped make this the cleanest OTW ever.
The streets and sidewalks were kept clean during the entire festival with no overflowing garbage bins anywhere. At the end of the evening the festival grounds looked great even before the final clean-up crew came through!
Most of all we would like to say thank you to our bar manager Chris Doyle... bartenders Chad Hobbs and Erin Knoll, store manager Nancy Froelich, and Michael LaLoggia (set-up), and Don Bissel and Kyle Bevers (tear-down). Without their generous help we would not have been able to have such a successful weekend.
Hope to see you all at the Greenwich Village Art Fair, September 18–19 @ the Kortman Gallery "Point! Bar."