Meet Tengu. He'll tell you about himself and see other great gift ideas from J. R. Kortman

Tengu is a fun character who reacts to sound: he responds to music, your voice, or any noise that's around. Simply plug him into your computer and watch his face light up! (Voice on video by Talking Roby). Tengu makes a great gift for anyone who likes to have fun with their computer. Scroll down and click on the thumbnails to see other fun things for the imaginative person in your life:

1. Power stapler 2. Stovetop Espresso maker by Aldo Rossi for Alessi 3. "Alessandro M" corkscrew by Alessi 4. Hand-polished stainless steel coffee press by Alessi 5 & 6. Art glass paperweights by Robert Eickholt 7. Authentic theatrical mask by Juan Carlos Tejes 8. Chinese temple mask 9. Sock Monkey looking for a friend 10. Earth spheres & Rockford magnetic clock 11."Symbol" bookend 12 & 13. Fish staplers 14 & 15. Lego architecture 16. Stainless cocktail shaker 17. Cast iron 'bug' paperweight 18 &19. Cool watches 20 & 21. Kinetic watches from Projects