J.R. Kortman Point! Bar thanks all the patrons, bartenders, and Greenwich Village Art Fair committee for a fun & successful weekend!!!

We at J. R. Kortman Center for Design want to thank everyone for a fun and successful weekend at Kortman Gallery Point! Bar at this year's Greenwich Village Art Fair. A special thank you to bartenders Michaels LaLoggia, Sr. and Jr., Eric Knox...and especially Dennis Horton who not only tended bar, but managed it. We also would like to thank D.J. Fuzz (Dan Minick) for keeping the "After Hours" party jumpin' on Saturday evening. And, of course, all of the fun patrons who supported the bar and the Rockford Art Museum. Scott Prine and the Greenwich Village Art Fair committee did a great job making this such a wonderful and premier arts & entertainment event. Also, thank you to Doug Campbell from Hear More Music for the After Hours party sound system, and Doug & Holli Connell of Engine Studio for daytime sound system. And Nancy Froelich....thanks for the iPod!  The photos capture some of the fun and relaxing moments at Point! Bar.