J.R. Kortman Center for Design reacts to the Midway's partial roof collapse

It is a sad day for all of Rockford with the collapse of part of the Midway Theater roof. Let's not panic. This could be a wake up call to becoming proactive in saving the building. Having restored our 1920's Barloga building we (J.R. Kortman) understand the challenge. We faced  asbestos, tuck pointing, roof issues, etc. but they are all things that can be done. The Coronado had a lot of these same issues...but still more cost effective than building a new performing arts center.  Most importantly, to save old buildings from the wrecking ball is such a wonderful thing for our city...especially for future generations. They tell so much about our history and our past appreciation for beauty...which is something we seem to have lost here. Speaking of the Coronado, Westlake Assocs. (the architects for the Coronado) said that the Midway has excellent "natural" acoustics and would be an ideal setting for smaller acoustic concerts. Downtown Rockford has such an interesting array of performance venue's including the Times Theater, Rockford Theater, Sullivan Center, and the beautiful Midway theater, plus Davis Park, Memorial Hall and the BMO. All is in place to become a grand entertainment district. We don't need to build anything new...just take what we have and make them all come alive again! Combine this with a casino and hotel and now you have a real reason for Chicago folk to take the train to Rockford!