Fatherless artists open ‘Popstractions’ First Friday in the Kortman Gallery

“Popstractions” featuring energetic and colorful works by Fatherless will open in the Kortman Gallery, First Friday, September 4th from 5:30 to 10pm. Fatherless is a collaborative print posse from Rockford whose work is currently on exhibit at the Rockford Art Museum in an exciting and successful show called “Printmaker’s Ball.”
    “Our works are the result of 5 individual artists working cohesively with each other’s artwork,” says Fatherless artist Javier Jimenez.  “Described as a visual mix-tape of ‘shenagination,’ we combine our cultural influences in ways that finished works are not only unique to our collaboration, but unique among the editions of hand-screened prints as well...we make certain no two prints are ever the same.”
    Started as venture between Corey Hagberg, Jarrod Hennis, Javier Jimenez, and Greg Lang in the Spring of 2010, Fatherless began to plan seasonal shows in which they created screen prints together – live, during the event. When the idea came about to feature a guest artist for a series, they chose a local artist and instructor of printmaking to work with, and it was a natural fit. Dave Menard of Rockford University became a full time member following that show.
    “When the Fatherless artists are together the gallery is ignited with visual and spirited excitement,” says Kortman gallerist Doc Slafkosky. “There accessible work is filled with creative enthusiasm and spontaneity.”
    The Kortman Gallery exhibit “Popstractions” is like a satellite version of the Rockford Art Museum show, Printmaker's Ball, which features 14 printmakers pushing the boundaries of the art world by exploring new methods of printing and expression, from portable presses to complex installations, often addressing social and political issues head-on – and always leaving their skilled mark. Both exhibits will be on display through September 27th.
    Kortman Gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street, just seven blocks south of the Rockford Art Museum.