Rockford artist Kyle Wolfe introduces his “Imaginary Friends” in multi media, interactive exhibit in Kortman Gallery...opening October 14th



 Growing up, Kyle Wolfe was always attracted to visually charged toys, video games, comics, and pop culture objects from the past. With a natural talent for art, he cultivated his artistic talent and curiosity that lead to a career not only as a multimedia visual artist, but an art educator.
    On Friday, October 14th Wolfe brings his extraordinary visual, interactive new works to the Kortman Gallery in an exhibit he calls, “Imaginary Friends.” The opening receptions, coincide with this year’s ArtSene weekend on Friday, October 14 from 5-9pm and  and Saturday, October 15, 4- 9pm.
    Wolfe’s imaginative, innovative exhibit includes painting with acrylics or oil, on recently rediscovered found objects from his past like skateboards, shoes, and even telephone. His attraction to comics, video games and the visual culture of his youth is also the inspiration for digital and print work that will also be featured in this exhibit.
    “My approach to creating has always been evolving,” says Wolfe. “I’m at point in my career where I feel the freedom to create in any way that moves me. This show has given me the opportunity to let go of control and express myself in multiple media utilizing anything that inspires me to become my canvas.”
    Since his personal relationship to the imagery of pop culture was such an important part of his early life, he relates to his newly created visual images as his “imaginary friends.” Some of his art makes references to known characters like Pac-man, Muppets characters, etc. while other creatures in his eye-popping, colorful works are pure fantasy.
    Many of his pieces will include an interactive QR code along side that will enhance and engage the viewers experience.
    “This is going to be a fun and entertaining exhibit for all ages,” said Doc Slafkosky, Kortman Gallery director. “This is not just paintings on the wall. You will have a great time exploring the imagination and creative spirit of this expressive and inspired artist.”
    This is Kyle Wolfe’s second solo exhibit in the Kortman Gallery. His first show in 2010 featured digital works called “A Thousand Words” creating images from visual fragments he created on the computer. Wolfe, a graduate of Northern Illinois University, teaches art in the Rockford Public Schools at Roosevelt High School.
    “Imaginary Friends,” new works by Kyle Wolfe opens Friday, October 14th from 5 to 9pm and Saturday, October 15th from 4 to 9pm upstairs in the Kortman Gallery, 107 North Main Street in Downtown Rockford. His exhibit will run through November 12th. J.R. Kortman Center for Design & Kortman Gallery are openTuesday to Friday, 11am to 6pm and Saturdays, 11 to 5pm. For more information visit of phone 815-968-0123

Nature flourishes on canvas as two Rockford artists present colorful floral paintings in Kortman Gallery exhibition opening July 29th

  "Color is a power which directly influences the soul,” says emerging Rockford artist Valentina Fedoseeva quoting Wassily Kandinsky.
    “Telling universal stories, is how I like to highlight the magical elements in our shared culture,” says Rockford artist Jenny Mathews.
    These two exuberant artists are teaming up in an expression of the colorful beauty of nature in “Botanic Flourish,” an exhibition of floral paintings opening Friday, July 29th in the Kortman Gallery, Downtown Rockford.
    “Both Mathews and Fedoseeva have an artistic gift to create works that have universal appeal because of their classic painterly styles,” says Kortman gallery director Doc Slafkosky.  “Jenny introduced me to not only the idea for this show, but also to Valentina, a newcomer to the Rockford art community.”
    Valentina Fedoseeva was born and raised in Moldavia. Her work is influenced by her travel experiences that heave taken her to such colorful cultures as India and Central America. Nature is her inspiration as most of her works captures imagery such as flowers, botanicals, and landscapes.
    “I love nature very much! It's the main source of my inspiration. Shapes, colors, and motifs are collected grain by grain in my subconscious,” said Fedoseeva.  “When I enter the studio, something huge, something that cannot be described in words, seems to take possession of me.”
    Jenny Mathews is a well-known and accomplished Rockford artist. She has exhibited work in a galleries and museums throughout the region including a 2019 solo exhibit in the Kortman Gallery. She is best known for her public art murals that have graced the Rockford urban landscape for years…her latest in Rockford’s North End above the Norwegian Restaurant at 1402 North Main.
    “I enjoy creating small paintings and illustrations as much as large public murals,” said Mathews. “My artistic vision is driven by my love for bringing people together and my work aims to be the catalyst of a shared experience.”
    Kortman Gallery opening reception for “Botanic Flourish,” an exhibition of floral paintings by Valentina Fedoseeva and Jenny Mathews opens Friday, July 29th from 5:30 to 9pm.  The gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street in Downtown Rockford. The exhibit is free, and open to the public..
    “Botanic Flourish” will run though September 30th. For more information call 815-968-0123.

Shop at J.R. Kortman Center for Design Tu-Fr 11-6, Sa 11-5/See "Amorous,"group exhibit upstairs in the Kortman Gallery thru June 30

From Alessi designed by the late Virgil Abloh, the international design & fashion genius and Rockford native...
A new approach to designing tableware, Occasional Object is a stainless steel cutlery set consisting of a spoon, fork, knife and a carabiner to attach all three together, either in the context of a new way of setting the table, or as a means of attaching these utensils to the body. A new take on cutlery in a limited edition of 999 numbered pieces.
The set features geometric forms and an aesthetic closer to that of work tools than of table settings. It’s the first of a series of ‘Occasional Objects’, which will be joined by more pieces, including ceramics, tableware and a new interpretation by Vigil Abloh of an Alessi classic.
Available by special order @ J.R. Kortman Center for Design

Three Rockford artists curate erotic art exhibition in Kortman Gallery

Margret Hynes, John Lamar, and Marilynn Lamar have well established themselves in the Rockford arts community as accomplished artists. The three artists approached the Kortman Gallery with the idea of curating an exhibit featuring local artists creating works of art with an erotic theme…a subject rarely explored in the local art scene.

From that concept came “Amorous” a group exhibition opening Friday, April 22nd in the Kortman Gallery. Along with Hynes and the Lamars, other participating artists include Ruth Eversoll, Nikki Hollander, Javier Jimenez, Ron Rawhoof, and Ted Simmering.
“Since mankind began to visually communicate their thoughts, sexually charged images have been used in art, even appearing on prehistoric cave walls,” says co-curator Marilyn Lamar. “However, social constraints have always influenced what is acceptable in the visual arts over the centuries. We are still having to sometimes contend with Victorian era attitudes.”
 “We wanted to challenge artists to create works that may be out of their comforts zones,” said Hynes, co- curator. “Anything that has a sexual element can certainly be stimulating not only visually, but also intellectually, inspiring conversations on censorship, social mores, and how the arts affect our cultural attitudes.”
“We thought it was a great idea to explore the realm of erotic art with these talented artists,” says Kortman Gallery director Doc Slafkosky. “There is a definitely a distinction between what is erotic and what is pornographic. The works of art presented in this gallery exhibit are esthetically pleasing and can be viewed and enjoyed by a general audience.”
The “Amorous” exhibition will feature works in multiple media including painting, drawing, ceramics, and printmaking
Kortman Gallery opening reception for “Amorous,” a group exhibition of erotic art opens Spring ArtScene weekend, Friday,April 22nd from 5 to 9pm, and Saturday, April 23rd from 4 to 9pm.  The gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street in Downtown Rockford. The exhibit is free, and open to the public..
The exhibit will run though June 30th. For more information call 815-968-0123.