"Nature/Nurture: A Family of Artists" opens Friday, April 10th in the Kortman Gallery

Are artists born or made? Is there an art gene? If your mom and dad are artists will you become one because you grew up surrouneded by their creative energy or is it something in your blood? “Nature/Nurture: A Family of Artists” an exhibition opening Friday, April 10th in the Kortman Gallery featuring works by Rebecca Downing Pelley, Paul Pinzarrone and their daughter Ellie Pinzarrone lets you ponder these questions while seeing this visually exciting show by these three accomplished artists.
“Nature/Nurture” highlights the colorful, intricate, creative unrelated art in different media, but connected by the mother, father, daughter family relationship.
Paul Pinzarrone has exhibited his work extensively since 1976 creating contemporary images in airbrush which evolved into his dramatic, sensuous, and complex digital images that he presents in this exhibit.
Becky Downing Pelley, a recent winner of the prestigious “Golden Apple Award” is not only an artist, but has been teaching art in the Rockford Public Schools and Boylan High School for more than a generation. She creates intricate, colorful, and captivating watercolors.
Ellie Pinzarrone, artist and art historian, “paints” amazing images with embroidary and beads on fabric. Her work references classical paintings along with contemporay images she creates with a needle, thread, fabric, and beads and a great deal of imagination. Ellie was featured in a solo exhibiton in the Kortman Galllery in 2014.
“Art fans of each of these talented artists are in for a visual treat to be able to see this family of artists show together in one exhibit,” says Kortman Gallery director Doc Slafkosky. “Will there be a family resemblance? Is there a common visual element in their work? This is what makes this show so fascinating!” 
 The “Nature/Nurture: A Family of Artists” exhibition will be will be on display through May 30th. The Friday and Saturday, April 10th and 11th opening receptions are in conjunction with the Spring Rockford ArtScene. The Friday opening reception will be from 5 to 10pm and Saturday 3 to 9pm. The Kortman Gallery is located upstairs at J. R. Kortman Center for Design, 107 North Main Street. For further information call 815/968-0123 or visit www.jrkortman.com